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UVmount Mounting Device

UVmount Mounting Device

Product Description

UVmount is a cold mounting machine for cold mounting sample preparation that utilizes UV light to rapid curing resins. Pour the resin into a transparent mold, put it into the UVmount, and it only takes 60 seconds to get a completely cured sample. The sample preparation is fast and few of air bubbles, which can meet the requirement of high-quality sample preparation.

Product Details


1. Door automatic/electric open & close;

2. Realize “one key start”, automatically complete the process and bringout the samples;

3. 4.3" touch screen;

4. The curing time is adjustable,with 4 preset timer buttons; 

5. The upper and lower double-layer light sources make sure the irradiation even distribution;

6. Curing faster and more uniform;

7. Low heat generation during curing, the maximum temperature during curing is less than 90°;

8. The max temperature is less than 60° on the sample;

9. Dual fan cooling system;

10. Can be equipped with air extraction and purifier to prevent unpleasant odor from leaking (optional).

Technical Parameters



UVmount Mounting Device

Sample support surface


260*200 mm

Max. height

50 mm


Curing time

0~100 min


Main 365nm



Close: 400x404x188mm; Open: 400x651x188mm



85~240V,50/60Hz (1Ph/N/PE)



Our Advantage

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