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Leica DM 2700M Microscope

Leica DM 2700M Microscope

Product Description

Leica DM2700 M flexible positive microscope system USES LED lighting in all contrast methods: bright field (BF), dark field (DF), differential interference difference (DIC), qualitative polarization (POL) or fluorescence (FLUO) applications. It also provides built-in tilting illumination, which can improve the visualization of surface topography and defects. Leica DM2700 M can also be used to assemble the transmission axis according to the situation.

Three types of microscope objective rotors are available - plus a 0.7x macro objective through which you can see a sample almost 40mm long. It is ideal for quick positioning and overview.

A complete line of leica microscope platforms can be used to find an ideal platform for inspection of specimens up to 100 x100mm in size (such as foil, wafer, and PCB) and 80mm thick (such as mechanical components).

Product Details


(1) Check the electronic components

To meet the requirements of rapid and accurate inspection, program control and defect analysis of silicon wafers or MEMS, leica DM2700 M provides a high optical resolution that can detect even the most subtle defects in the sample. The constant color temperature of LED lighting allows you to always see samples in the same color.

(2) Check samples in the lab

Working in a laboratory means using a microscope for a long time. The leica DM2700 M metallographic microscope upright ergonomic design helps prevent muscle strain and fatigue, making daily work as comfortable and effortless as possible. The intuitive operation of a microscope allows even the most unskilled people to use it more smoothly. The codec provides guidance during user operation to reduce the risk of error.

(3) Screen the surface in steel inspection

The work environment for industrial quality control and defect inspection is always challenging, and the leica dm2,700m strong supports and robust design make it suitable for the most diverse work environment.

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