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ThetaMount Pressure Chamber

ThetaMount Pressure Chamber

Product Description

ThetaMount is suitable for the sample preparation of metallographic cold mounting, especially for epoxy or acrylic cold mounting.

Without bubbles and pores samples can be made by putting them into the chamber and curing under pressure, physical and chemical properties of the resin Will not change.

Product Details


1. No electricity, pressurized by a pneumatic system.

2. With water-separator and fast-insert connectors.

3. Quick lock and release cover design.

4. High performance in sealing, and overflow valve in safety.

5. More spacious mounting chamber, and stainless steel container.

6. Equipped with a timer to remind curing time.

Technical Parameters



Operating Pressure

2.0 bar

Safety Valve Overflow Pressure


Chamber Diameter


Dimension W*D*H

340*400*270mm(Closed) 340*400*370mm(Open)


8.5 Kg

Our Advantage

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    We have a strong and production team, which can develop and produce custom ThetaMount Pressure Chamber according to the product description or sample provided by customers.
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