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Beta-300 Pro Automatic Cut-off Machine

Beta-300 Pro Automatic Cut-off Machine

Beta-300Pro is an automatic cut-off machine which adopted advanced intelligent control & touch screen operation technology. With three-axis joystick, and laser alignment and larger workbench makes easy to operate. Beta-300Pro has integrated a variety of cutting methods and techniques, even cutting large-section sample for heavy-duty, can also get excellent cutting surface. Its automatic cutting mode can achieve the highest level of reproducibility of cutting processes.

Product Details


1. Equipped with 7” touch screen & saving 20 programs;

2. Can automatic cutting from 3-axis X-Y-Z, laser alignment which can display the cutting routine, rapid position;

3. Various cutting modes can meet different cutting requirements;

4. According to the hardness of the material and preset cutting current, intelligent adjustment & optimization the cutting progress;

5. T-slot vises which easy to clamping and matches variety of shaped fixture;

6. Pulsing cutting - adjust the cutting speed automatically which can get better surface quality;

5. Auto detect whether cut-off.


Ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal;

Castings, heat treatment samples, forgings;

Semiconductor, ceramics (with special cut-off wheels);

Other metal and non-metal materials;

Technical parameter


Beta 300 Pro



Cutting axis and feed quick stop


Current Overload

Automatic adjustment


Two hand control

Wheel Diameter

Φ300 mm

Arbor Size

Φ32 mm

Cutting Capacity

110 mm

Cutting Capacity. H*D

80*200 mm

Z-Axis Travel (Up and down)

150 mm

Y-Axis Travel (Frout and back)

200 mm

X-Axis Travel (Right and left)

80 mm

Table Dimension

280*536 mm

T-Slot Dimension

12 mm

Cutting Power

4 kw


AC 380V, 440/480V, 50/60 Hz, (3Ph+1N+1PE)

Wheel Speed

800-3500 rpm

Control Panel

7 inch Touch Screen



Smart Cutting


Chop Cutting,Z-Axis


Table Feed Cutting,Y-Axis


Pulse Cutting

Chop cutting and Table-feed

Step Cutting


Cutting Feed Rate


Laser Alignment




Dimensions W*D*H (Hood open)

940*920*1450 mm(1860)

Cooling unit,lt

80 Liter

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