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TJ2000  Theta Vacuum Mounting Machine

TJ2000 Theta Vacuum Mounting Machine

Product Description

Theta Vacuum Mounting machine has the characteristics of fast vacuuming and high vacuum. It is suitable for all kinds of cold mounting, especially for porous materials. With Theta Vacuum, the resin can be penetrated into the tiny pores, and obtain a perfectly sample with good filling property and without bubbles, so that the sample can get better edge protection.
It is widely used in metal crack samples, fine porosity electronic components and ores, ceramics and spraying samples.

Product Details


1. Easy operation, suitable for a variety of castable resin.
2. With silent oilless vacuum pump, rapid vacuum pumping speed, high vacuum.
3. Large volume chamber, for multiple samples at the same time.
4. With elescopic rod, convenient casting dip.
5. With vacuum meter to display parameter.
6. The mounting process can be clearly observed through the transparent cover.

Technical Parameters

Vacuum chamber diameter


Vacuum chamber

9.2 Liter

Mounting way

Mechanical telescopic rod


50 Pa


<50 dB


AC 220V, 50HZ


370 W

Dimesion (WxDxH)

Φ300*300mm(Vacuum chamber)


1kg (Vacuum chamber)

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