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Theta Vacuum Cold Mounting Machine

Theta Vacuum Cold Mounting Machine

Product Description

Theta Vacuum is a cold mounting machine that has integrated a vacuum pump and a vacuum device. The machine can ensure that the specimen does not contain bubbles after curing while the physical and chemical properties of the resin& curing agent will not change. So it can be used for rapid curing of cold mounting on Epoxy resins and make high-quality specimen.

Product Details


1. The irritating odor produced during the polymerization process can be minimized since the whole process is operated in a separate closed container;
2. The generation of air bubbles during the polymerization process can be avoided when operating in a vacuum environment, especially suitable for cold mounting of porous specimen; 
3. The whole process is visible and easy to operate due to transparent cover design;
4. The big space can meet the needs of various specifications of sample mounting.

Technical Parameters


Theta Vacuum

Vacuum chamber diameter


Vacuum chamber

9.2 Liter

Mounting way

Filling with a telescopic rod


50 Pa


<50 dB


AC 220V, 50HZ


370 W

Dimesion (W*D*H)

Φ300*300mm(Vacuum chamber)


1kg (Vacuum chamber)

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