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FlexPRESS-600 Mounting Press

FlexPRESS-600 Mounting Press

Product Description

FlexPRESS-600 is a flexible mounting press, With modular mounting unit design, and is combined With one base unit and 1 - 5 mounting units. Meet the different customer's specific needs.

Product Details


1. Modular design of mounting unit to meet customer’s specific needs.
2. Sliding closure with automatic open/close.
3. 7-inch touch screen with max. 20 commonly procedures.
4. Pre-heating and per-press furcction to meet the specific mounting reguirement of different material.
5. Real-time display the temperature and pressure curve during curing.
6. Individual control of heating/pressing/cooling for every unit.

Technical Parameters


FlexPRESS-600 Base unit

FlexPRESS-600 Mounting unit



Heating Power


Mold Size


Heating Range

60~250 ˚C

Holding Time

1 ~ 60 min


570 Bar (Depending on mold size)

Pressure Mode


Control Panel

7-inch touch screen

Push buttons

Cooling Mode

Auto:by temperature or time

Cooling rate



570*280*450 mm

570*260*450 mm


60 Kg

56 Kg

Our Advantage

  • High Quality

    Our production capacity can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities.
  • Preferential price

    As a professional China Hot Mounting Press Machine Manufacturers, We have our own equipment, one-stop production, factory direct sales, high quality and low price.
  • Custom service

    We have a strong and production team, which can develop and produce custom FlexPRESS-600 Mounting Press according to the product description or sample provided by customers.
  • Rich products

    It can meet the development and production of many different industries.

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