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CT - 150A Low-Speed Precision Cutting Machine

CT - 150A Low-Speed Precision Cutting Machine

CT-150A low-speed precision cutting machine is suitable for precise cutting of various hard materials, especially for precise cutting of various tiny metal and non-metal components and various electronic components;This machine can be equipped with diamond cutting blades or resin cutting blades of other materials to meet the cutting of various samples.This machine is equipped with a variety of sample fixtures, which can position and cut the processed object at the best angle, and can realize unattended processing.The spindle runs with high precision, and can precisely fine-tune the horizontal feed position of the processed object.This machine is an ideal metallographic pretreatment equipment for laboratories of colleges, universities, scientific research institutes and production.

Product Details

Technical parameter



Electric power


Spindle speed

0~700 r/min

Positioning accuracy


Specification of cutting disc


Travel of the mobile rack



350×350×200 mm



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