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CT-250S/CT-250V Manual Cut-Off Machine

CT-250S/CT-250V Manual Cut-Off Machine

CT-250S/CT-250V is a manual cut-off machine, which designed according to the principles of safety and environmental friendly. It has equipped with a safety lock and an emergency stop button to ensure safety. It adopts a WEG high-torque waterproof motor, ergonomic cutting handle, and simple control panel. Equip with a popular used 250 mm/10 diameter cut-off blade which is suitable for rapid cutting of various metal and non-metallic materials. It is one of 
the necessary equipment for sample preparation in the laboratories of factories, R&D Institute and college.

Product Details


1. Manually chop cutting, operation easily;

2. Omron electronic switch accessories, safe and reliable;

3. Huge observation window & high-brightness lighting system makes to observe the cutting process;

4. Super cooling system make sure the sample won’t burning during cutting;

5. The separate water tank and filter system can collect the swarf easily and Extend the life of the cut-off machine;

6. Rugged and reliable with low noise.


Ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal;

Castings, heat treatment samples, forgings;

Semiconductor, ceramics (with special cut-off wheels);

Other metal and non-metal materials;

Technical parameter




Max. Dia

Φ250 mm

Cutting Capacity

Φ80 mm

Feeding Mode


Dimension of Table

210*230 mm


2.2 KW

Power supply

3x380V/50Hz Standard
(220,440,480V/60Hz Option)

Wheel Speed




100 kg

105 kg

Dimension W*D*H

664*684*621mm (Close), 664*898x829mm (Open)

Volume of the tank

60 L

Dimension of the tank



Our Advantage

  • High Quality

    Our production capacity can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities.
  • Preferential price

    As a professional China Custom CT-250S/CT-250V Manual Cut-Off Machine Manufacturers, We have our own equipment, one-stop production, factory direct sales, high quality and low price.
  • Custom service

    We have a strong and production team, which can develop and produce custom CT-250S/CT-250V Manual Cut-Off Machine according to the product description or sample provided by customers.
  • Rich products

    It can meet the development and production of many different industries.

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