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CT-300 Manual Cut-off Machine

CT-300 Manual Cut-off Machine

Product Description

CT-300 is an easy-to-use and powerful manual cutting machine that can be used with Ф300mm and Ф350mm cutting blades. It can handle the cutting of the specimens of various shapes, sizes, and complex materials. The push-up safety door design makes putting samples into the cutting chamber easy and fast. Powerful motors and ergonomic cutting arms allow for efficient and smooth cutting. The simple and clean operator panel allows any operator to cut workpieces quickly and efficiently with minimal training.

Product Details


1. Adopts high-power motor (5.5Kw) to make the cutting more powerful and labor-saving;

2. Cast aluminum base, integrated worktable, strong rigidity, making cutting more stable;

3. Extra large working surface and operating space for faster specimen clamping;

4. The simple and clean operator panel allows any operator to learn how to use quickly;

5. Enlarged cooling pipes for more adequate cooling;

Technical parameter

Cutting Blade Speed
Two gears:2000 & 2500rpm
Diameter Ф300~Ф350mm
Center hole 32mm
Cutting capacity
Diameter Ф100mm
Height x Length
Cutting length 240mm
Workbench Size(WxD) 385x330mm
T-slot width
Electric Input
3x380V/50Hz+Earth wire(E) (Optional voltage:3x220V)
Cutting power 5.5KW
Current, normal load
Safety Emergency stop Press to cut off the control circuit and main power
Safety door lock When the door is open, it cannot be started; when it is running, the door is locked and cannot be opened
Overload protection
Automatic shutdown when overload current is exceeded
Cooling System
Capacity 65L
Dimension(WxDxH) 420x680x350mm
Interface Inlet water: Ф19 inner diameter high pressure pipe;
Water outlet: Ф38 inner diameter steel wire pipe

Cooling water 4-way cooling tube,
flow rate: 100L/min
Exhaust System Recommended exhaust volume  150m³/h
Advanced Features X Cutting table,manual
Exhaust system
Removable vertical cabinet Optional
Dimension W×D×H 906*950*702(closed)906*950*1170(open)
Machine 235kg

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