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Leica DMi8 M_A_C Microscope

Leica DMi8 M_A_C Microscope

Product Description

Leica DMi8 to stay ahead of the competition is your business forward momentum. Whether you're in the field of metallography, medical device manufacturing, or microelectronics, speed matters. You can customize leica's highly modular inverted microscope to your own needs. It combines leica's excellent optical quality, rich contrast mode and intuitive and easy-to-use software to help speed up your workflow.

Product Details


(1) Carefully observe the sample

Do you need to observe large size samples and make detailed analysis? Leica Microsystems' exclusive macro * objective allows you to observe more sample details in less time. Just click to switch from macro mode (35 mm) to nano mode (200 nm).

  • Leica macro objective lens can provide a field of view four times that of the standard objective lens (to observe the general situation of 35.7mm sample at a magnification rate of 0.7 times).
  • You can switch between different magnification rates: -- 0.7x -- 5x -- 10x -- 20x-50x -- 100x -- and illuminate the sample from different angles.
  • The three-stage focusing driver can realize sensitive and adjustable focusing at different magnification rates, so as to improve your sample detection efficiency.

(2) You can create perfect tools for your work. Tailor the system to your budget, application needs, and preferences. Invest now in the features you need to work on - and prepare for future needs. More freedom

(3) A single key stroke can easily reproduce and save

(4) Use the unique uc-3d lighting device to observe more details

Leica Microsystems exclusively provides ultra-contrast 3D lighting. It illuminates samples from different angles to help you get more surface structure information and achieve higher contrast. Therefore, you can observe more sample details in a shorter time.

Make the observation deeper

Built-in lighting solutions bring a more relaxed user experience

Obtain more sample information at no additional cost

You can choose either the manual or electric version of leica

Our Advantage

  • High Quality

    Our production capacity can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantities.
  • Preferential price

    As a professional China Custom Leica DMi8 M_A_C Microscope Manufacturers, We have our own equipment, one-stop production, factory direct sales, high quality and low price.
  • Custom service

    We have a strong and production team, which can develop and produce custom Leica DMi8 M_A_C Microscope according to the product description or sample provided by customers.
  • Rich products

    It can meet the development and production of many different industries.

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